As Indians, we are all too familiar with the concept of curry. Taken from India, the Japanese mixed and matched Indian and French techniques to create a "curry roux". This roux is added to boiling water to create a thick and delicious curry in no time at all!


Made from a spice mix of Indian spices, the curry delivers a taste that warms your heart and fills your stomach. This roux is made to be a quick and easy meal that nourishes and fills, without taking up hours to make. 


Simply stir fry some vegetables, add water and mix in the roux once the water is boiling. You're done! Rice is usually eaten with curry, but it can be had with anything with even bread and rotis!


Salt and spice can be added to reached preferred levels, as the curry is mild on its own. 



Shougaiwa Japanese Curry Sauce Mix

  • Keep in freezer. To use, let thaw and scoop out using a spoon.


    MSG compliments curry greatly and adds an umami punch. MSG is not added to the roux.


    Vegetables that commonly used with curry: Garlic, onion, leeks, carrot, potato, okra, mushrooms, brinjal, peas and lotus root