The real "Taste bhi, health bhi"

Kimchi isn’t just some good food you can eat. It’s not just a versatile, delicious ingredient in a lot of recipes. It’s crazy healthy! Everyone knows that probiotic bacteria are the good bacteria for you and kimchi is stuffed full of it! You also don’t need to take our word for it. Find the sources at the end of the article! Let’s take a look:

1) Kimchi helps digestion: So we have Lactobacilli bacteria in our digestive tract that aid in digestion and fighting off diseases that happen due to the things we ingest. These bacteria are very important for our body to function properly and we might face problems of indigestion and irregular bowel movements they go down in number. Enter Kimchi. Due to

Kimchi Jjigae (stew) from the Shougaiwa kitchen

the fermentation process, contains plenty of Lactobacilli and helps digestion and prevents many illnesses. Probiotic drinks and medicines aren’t the only methods of getting your good bacteria. Eat some Kimchi!

2)Kimchi builds up your immunity: Borrowing from the first point, a large part of our immunity system is in our digestive tract, which makes a lot of sense. This area really benefits from the probiotic bacteria in kimchi and it makes your immune system stronger as it improves digestion. The peppers in the kimchi and the garlic have antioxidant and anti-carcinogen properties. Kimchi is also almost synonymous with cabbage, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits.

3)Kimchi makes you look and feel younger: Anti-oxidants are the spring of youth and youth is something you might want! A lot of vegetables provide anti-oxidants, but a lot of habits make us age faster than we should. Stress, blood pressure, cholesterol and not doing what we love are all things that can really make us feel and look old. Kimchi helps with all these things, though. It has a lot of anti-oxidants that fight back against the ageing process, even with the added stress from life. More stress? Get more kimchi!

4)Kimchi helps fights Diabetes and Cholesterol: Back to the third point, those added stressors in life could also be due to diseases. Well, kimchi fights that too. Anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants everywhere. I know it seems like we’re discussing this point too much, but man!

Shougaiwa's own mouth-watering, healthy kimchi

It really helps you everywhere! It’s not even like you need to eat a few kilos of kimchi a month. Well, you could. A small amount is enough to start lowering your cholesterol and help with glucose levels with diabetes.

5)It’s the tastiest food that offers so much health: We have fruits and vegetables filled with tons of benefits for our bodies. No argument there. Kimchi just happens to be a combination of a lot of them and it’s much better than the sum of its parts. Kimchi can fight many diseases, make you age slower, improve digestion and immunity, fight cancer and even reduce cravings and it does all that while fitting in perfectly with multiple cuisines. Especially Indian, with our history with pickles.

That’s just a few benefits. This article would be insanely long if we went through all the benefits with all the research. We covered the points we think are most important. Get a bottle at our store today! Maybe even a few. Who knows? It might just be life-saving


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