Funk up your Aaloo Cheese Toast (Kimchi Sandwich Recipe)

We all love a good sandwich and we all know the pangs of hunger that is only satisfied by the satisfying crunch of a well toasted sandwich and the delectable flavours of the

vegetables and chaat masala inside. That is, after all, the Indian umami! Here's how to make a sandwich that satisfies you the same way one on the street would!

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Let's go:


1) 2 slices of bread

2) 20 grams of Shougaiwa Kimchi

3) 3-4 cloves garlic

4) 2 boiled potatoes

5) 1 medium onion

6) 1 medium tomato

7) 4 tsp butter or oil

8) 20 grams of cheese

9) Salt to taste

10) Half a chilli, without seeds or a pinch of chilli powder


1) First, prepare the filling by mashing potatoes or cutting them into slices

2) If smashing potatoes, cut other vegetables into small cubes, otherwise, cut into rings

3) Heat butter/oil and add garlic, then Shougaiwa Kimchi then onion, then tomatoes and finally potatoes, if smashing. Otherwise, just stir fry the garlic and Kimchi in the oil

4) Add spices and salt to season the vegetables. Additional spices can be added like Italian herbs, Mexican mixes etc

5) Butter, or oil, both sides of the bread and add in cheese. Grill for 1 minute

6)Place vegetable mix into the sandwich or place vegetables in sandwich and grill until well toasted

Serve with tomato ketchup or Shougaiwa Kimchi sauce

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