Shougaiwa was an idea that existed long before we thought of food. It isn’t about food. It’s about change. It’s repeated in society in many different ways. Creativity. Imagination. “Think outside the box”.

We go beyond that, though. We don’t want to just think outside the box. We want to live outside of it. We want to experience what’s around the box. Or in this case, the well.

“A frog in a well” is a Chinese saying that is used to describe close-minded people or people who aren’t willing to step out of their bubble. We’re the frog outside the well. We don’t want to sit in the bubble. We want to burst that bubble and see what lies beyond. If

"A long long time ago"

that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’re doing the research and work to make sure you don’t have to spend weeks learning how to make one batch of a new, crazy dish.

With Shougaiwa, we will test, perfect and sell ingredients that you can use to easily make a variety of dishes. With just the two products we have at the time of writing this article, you can make new dishes for over a week!

With Shougaiwa’s blog, we will detail recipes and explanations to help you better understand the culture and food we are interested in and sell to you. We’ll ensure to give you easy and quick recipes that you can use on a daily basis.

We aren’t in the business of selling products. We’re in the business of exploring food. We want to build Shougaiwa to support jobs, spread new ideas and stand proud as we challenge what can be done with food in India.

Welcome to the Genesis.

Welcome to Shougaiwa.

Shougaiwa moves with our gero. Always forward.
Gero-san exploring the world outside the well