How to Forget Maggi (Curry Noodles Recipe)

Here's an unpopular opinion: Maggi isn't all that great on it's own. There. It's been said. It's not that great. It's a pretty decent base for additional flavours, though. Not all that great

there either.

You might think this is silly, but you eat what we've been eating and you'll be agreeing with us immediately. Curry noodles give you some of the best mouthfeel and flavours you could imagine. It can be hot or sweet or sour (Kimchi!) or even nice and salty. Let us know if you like this noodles recipe and use #Shougaiwa and #CurryNoodles so that we can see the great things you're doing!


1) 20-30 grams Shougaiwa Curry Sauce Mix

2) 50-60 grams of water

3) 1 small carrot, cut into slices

4) 1 large potato, cut into cubes

5) 1 medium onion, cut into slices

6) 4-5 cloves of garlic

7) Honey or a piece of apple to sweeten

8) Chilli flakes or chilli powder to increase the spice level

9) Salt to taste

10) Spring onion greens to garnish

11) Noodles of choice, slightly undercooked


1) Peel, cut and boil carrots and potatoes for 5 minutes

2) While the potato and carrot boil, stir fry garlic and onion in a pan

Spices, salt, soy sauce, hot sauce etc of choice can be added here. An additional point: you can add the tastemaker packet in the noodles if you want some extra flavour

3) Add water and bring to boil

4) Add and mix Shougaiwa Curry Sauce Mix till the water thickens

Check for salt and spice

5) Add honey or grated apple to make the curry sweeter

6) Add chilli flakes or chilli powder to add more spice

7) Mix everything well and add noodles to the curry

8) Cook for 2-3 minutes more until the noodles are well coated in the curry and serve hot. Garnish with spring onions.Cheese can also be put on top as a garnish

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