5 Funky dishes that can be made with Kimchi

Kimchi is the future! Well, at least, Kimchi is 2019. Being recognized worldwide as a superfood and as something that greatly improves your health while tasting absolutely amazing. India is really not used to Kimchi, in the traditional sense. It’s new and it tastes different and everybody knows we Indians aren’t the best to welcome new things! Indo-Chinese restaurants offer a hot and sweet sauce mix with cabbage as kimchi and India just doesn’t have tasty and fermented kimchi.

Enter Shougaiwa.

Here are 10 dishes that can be made easily with a couple of bottles of Shougaiwa Kimchi. Move over Indo-Chinese, it’s time for Indo-Korean!

Kimchi Fried Rice: This is obvious. It is arguably the most famous dish that can be made with Kimchi. This is also the most familiar dish for us as it’s our regular fried rice with a funky twist

to it. Tastes great and is really easy to make!

Kimchi pancakes: Indians love savoury breakfasts while most of the world love sweet breakfasts. These pancakes are sure to give you a good jump into your day. Not just that, but they are also really simple to make! It’s just a matter of mixing Kimchi with flour and a few vegetables and letting it sizzle well on a pan. Quick, healthy and tasty!

Kimchi sandwiches: We make and eat sandwiches every day and it’s a big part of our lives. Especially if you’re in school or college. They’re cheap and filling. Kimchi sandwiches are similar. Just make a mix of kimchi, garlic, onion or potatoes. Mix them in some oil or butter and toast the bread in the same oil. Done! Five minutes and you can make a lot of sandwiches with just a bottle!

Kimchi noodles: Noodles are another aspect of our lives that a lot of us just can’t live without. Did you know that there are no easily available brands that give you instant kimchi

noodles? Our solution? Fry up some kimchi in a pan with some oil, soy sauce and sriracha sauce and add that to your Maggi or Top Ramen. Trust us, you’ll never look back.

Kimchi with rice: This is how we give people a taste of kimchi for the first time and honestly, it’s a great way to eat Kimchi. All you need is some steaming hot rice and some kimchi. You can add all kinds of additions like sesame seeds or salt or MSG or soy sauce or any condiment of your choice and go at it! The rice can be mixed with the condiments or they can be placed on the side to add more texture to the food. It’s all in your hands!

Those are the five recipes we have for now. Let us know what you think! We’ll be putting up more recipes and articles soon, so keep checking in with us to see what’s new! Check out our blog for recipes of dishes like these! Also, tag us and use the #Shougaiwa if you make any of these dishes and put them up on social media. We absolutely love to see others happy with our food!