5 cool ways to use Shougaiwa's Japanese Curry Sauce Mix

Japanese curry is a very familiar thing to have in India. It is basically our own spices being fed to us in a different way! Nevertheless, Japanese curry is a staple in Japan and very loved by everyone. There are multiple variations that are sold there, with different flavours across different companies and each company offering options from sweet to spicy. Why only in Japan, though? It’s made using Indian spices and we should be able to enjoy this delicacy as well! That's what we set out to change and we're here to help.

Let’s take a look at how we can make this beautiful dish

1)Curry Rice: It’s the most common and successful version of the dish. Simply put the sauce mix into boiling water and stir it for a few minutes and you get a thick, delicious curry. To

make the dish taste even better, stir fry a few vegetables like garlic, onion, potatoes and carrots and add it into the curry. This makes for a flavorful, delicious curry that soothes your hunger pangs

2)Curry Noodles: Maggi can’t be had unless you add something to it. This is what we believe when we cook Maggi. You might have seen our article about kimchi and how we make kimchi noodles and this follows a similar direction. When the noodles are almost done, add in Shougaiwa’s curry sauce mix and stir to turn your Maggi from just 2 minute noodles to 2 minute curry noodles!

3)Curry Bread: This is a different angle to take with curry. Make the curry and toss in chunks of bread, fresh or toasted. Mix well together and eat! It’s very quick and very filling!

4)Curry Pav: This is actually curry ‘pan’. Pronounced curry pa-n. Pan is the Japanese word for bread and curry pan is a dish where curry is filled into a bun, usually with cheese and is then

sold as a baked treat. It’s delicious and you can use pavs and toss the wada away to make curry pav

5)Curry roti: We love eating roti and chapati with different types of side dishes. We have it with dry curries or gravies. Here’s a great way to incorporate Shougaiwa’s curry into your regular dinners and have a whole new experience. You can also add it to different dishes you’re making to oomph it up more!

Let us know how you like these ideas and do tag us or use the #Shougaiwa if you share it online. We love to see what you’ve made. Now lets get cooking!

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