There was once a frog that sat in a big well. Let's call him 'Zeyro’ The frog thought the well was as big as the world itself. To this frog, there existed nothing but the well. One day, another frog comes into the well, and Zeyro starts showing off about how big his well is.


This new frog, in turn, starts talking about the ocean and the beauty of it. The size, the water and the new things to see! Zeyro laughs at him and tells him nothing could be as good as the well. So, the frog leaves Zeyro in his little well and goes out to swim in the ocean.

That frog is Gero (that's Gero-san for you) and he's our mascot. The more he explores the world, the more we learn and the more we make. We intend to explore the depths of the world with Gero-san. That's why we're called Shougaiwa.

Shougaiwa (pronounced show-gai-wa), means 'A frog outside the well’. It is a unique take on the proverb which says that we're adventurous and we love exploring. We don't want to sit in our own comfort zone and be content. We want to learn and keep jumping into new things


Our world keeps getting bigger, as we learn more about different cultures and different food styles. Join us in expanding our worlds, with interests from Mexico to Italy to Japan to the rest of Asia.


In the wise words of Gero-san, “Gero-Gero!”